Sheriff's Sales

If you are an attorney, requesting that the Sheriff act upon a court order regarding an execution of property, please view the Real Property Execution or Order for Sale requirements. 

If you've purchased real property and need a Sheriff's Deed, please review our requirements to make a Deed Request.

Sheriff’s Sales are ‘judicial foreclosures’ (or executions) on real property to satisfy a money judgment. The order to sell comes from the Superior Court Clerk. We are selling only the judgment debtor’s interest in the real estate and the property is subject to all existing liens and encumbrances. We have limited information about the sale property since we do not need to know any information other than the address and legal description to conduct our sales. It is not possible for potential purchasers to view the interior of the structure prior to the sale.

The property sold may have a Redemption period from eight months to one year. Redemption means that the owner may pay back the amount bid at the sale, plus interest, taxes, etc. in order to "redeem" the property and become the owner again. If you have legal questions about this procedure, you should contact your attorney for direction, or read the Revised Code of the state of Washington pertaining to Redemption.

Neither Spokane County nor the Sheriff's Department warrants the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of any information regarding the sales listed on this page, and shall not be held liable for losses caused by using this information. Portions of this information may not be current or accurate. The opening bid amounts are tentative and may change up until sale time. Any person or entity who relies on the information obtained from this page does so at their own risk.

The creditor provides the opening bid to the Sheriff's Department by Thursday before the sale, in most cases, but occasionally the bid will not be available until sale time. If the bid you're looking for is not listed, it is not yet available. 

Sales are held on Friday's at 10:00 am inside the south entrance of the Spokane County Courthouse, located at 1116 W. Broadway Avenue. 

Curious to know what happens if you are the winning bidder?  Take a look at the Winning Bidder Checklist

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    Phone: 509-477-4772

  2. Sheriff's Office

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    Emergency: 911

February 2021

2/26/2021 -- Cause No. 18-2-00798-9 (Linn) Credit Bid: $312,577.52 / Sold to third party for $417,100.00

May 2021

5/7/2021 -- Cause No. 20-2-01702-32 (Dawson) Postponed until 07/09/2021 / Cancelled

June 2021

Sale of Personal Property 6/15/2021 -- Cause No. 20202850-32  / Images (Green) Credit bid: $1.00 / Sold to plaintiff

August 2021

Sale of Personal Property 8/24/2021 -- Cause No. 19-2-04298-32 (Baker) / Cancelled

September 2021

9/3/2021 -- Cause No. 15-2-02088-3 (Anderson) / Credit bid: $245,896.57 / Sold to third party for $245,897.00

October 2021

10/8/2021 -- Cause No. 20-2-01702-32 (Dawson)

10/22/2021 -- Cause No. 17-2-04261-1 (Regal)

November 2021

11/05/2021 -- Cause No. 13-204669-0 (Saetre)

January 2020

1/10/2020 -- Cause No. 17-2-01137-6 (White) Credit Bid: $121,680.74 / Sold to third party for $132,000.00

1/10/2020 -- Cause No. 14-2-01202-5 (Hunt)  Credit Bid: $126,075.00 / Sold to third party for $$133,000.00

1/17/2020 -- Cause No. 17-2-03450-3 (Wing)  Credit Bid: $75,955.89 / Sold to third party for $110,100.00


2/28/2020 -- Cause No. 16-2-03829-2 (Arnold)  Credit Bid: $72,000.00 / Sold to third party for $85,001.00

2/28/2020 -- Cause No. 14-2-00609-2 (O’Meara) Credit Bid: $32,760.00 / Sold to third party for $48,000.00


3/6/2020 -- Cause No. 18-2-00798-9 (Linn) CANCELLED

3/6/2020 -- Cause No. 19-2-03743-32 (Pulver)  Credit Bid: $134,706.87 / Sold to third party for $134,707.87


5/22/2020 -- Cause No. 19-2-03368-32 (Lavin) Postponed until 6/5/2020 / Cancelled


9/18/2020 -- Cause No. 20-2-00205-32 (Hillyard) Credit Bid: $265,535.67 / Sold to Plaintiff


Sale of Personal Property 10/20/2020 -- Cause No. 19-2-04387-32 (Tree of Kindness) Credit Bid: $50,000.00 / Sold to Plaintiff 


11/06/2020 -- Cause No. 20-2-00384-32 (Masingale - East Bloom Circle) Credit Bid: $55,000.00 / Sold to third party for $90,000.00

11/13/2020 -- Cause No. 17-2-04570-0 (Laffoon) Credit Bid: $63,784.57 / Sold to Plaintiff


12/04/2020 -- Cause No. 20-2-00383-32 (Masingale - East Alki) Credit Bid: $67,367.59 / Sold to Plaintiff for $102,300.00

12/04/2020 -- Cause No. 15-2-02088-3 (Anderson) Postponed until 12/18/2020 / Cancelled