Justice Task Force

The Justice Task Force, comprised of government officials, business leaders, public health officials, and leadership from community organizations, will develop recommendations for the Board of County Commissioners regarding the future of the Spokane County Jail. For the past several years Spokane's regional leaders have worked to implement criminal justice initiatives that ensure the safety of our community, the responsible investment of taxpayer dollars, and the just and equitable treatment of all residents. As part of these efforts, local stakeholders and other consultants have made recommendations regarding policies, procedures, and jail capacity. Many of these recommendations have been implemented, or are still underway.

The Justice Task Force is distinct from previous efforts in several important respects:

  1. The Task Force includes a diverse cross-section of our region's leaders and communities, designed to facilitate meaningful dialogue and creative problem solving.
  2. The Task Force meetings are conducted in open, public forums.
  3. The Task Force meetings are grounded in up-to-date quantitative and qualitative data.
  4. Community participation and feedback is central to the process, and will be collected through Town Hall meetings and small group conversations.
  5. Spokane's regional efforts are supported by multiple technical assistance providers at no cost to the City or County.

The MacArthur Foundation, through the Safety & Justice Challenge, is funding technical assistance providers to support Spokane's efforts. The Vera Institute of Justice is providing meeting facilitation assistance, along with research assistance and qualitative data analysis. Meanwhile, the JFA Institute is modeling jail population projections. Together, our technical assistance providers will help ensure that our regional leaders can review and consider all relevant information when making important decisions on behalf of the Community.


The Justice Taskforce members have been divided into 3 committees which will research and discuss the following areas:

Cost (C): This Committee will study average daily costs at the jail and identify priority investments to be made across the criminal justice system, and in the community.

Rethinking Incarceration (R): In part by studying other jurisdictions and best practices, this Committee will identify opportunities for improved outcomes across the criminal justice system.

Community Collaboration/Coordination (CCC): This Committee will evaluate what resources currently exist in Spokane County, what resource gaps exist, and how other communities are increasing collaboration and coordination with local government, as well as service providers.

Justice Taskforce Members

Organization Member Committee
Bail Project Sabrina Ryan/Angel Tomeo Sam CCC
Budget Office Tonya Wallace (County) C
Better Health Together Alison Poulsen C
City of Spokane Valley Cary Driskell (City Attorney)
  Pam Haley (Council Member) C​
Community Services Kelly Keenan (City)
  Kathleen Torella (County) ​C​
Detention Services Mike Sparber (Acting Director) R
Downtown Spokane Partnership Mark Richard R
Frontier Behavioral Health Jan Tokumoto CCC
Greater Spokane Incorporated Alisha Benson  
Kalispel Tribe Curtis Holmes C
Law Enforcement Chief Craig Meidl
  ​Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich ​CCC
Law & Justice Administrator Maggie Yates  
Lutheran Community Services Erin Williams Hueter CCC
NAACP Spokane Kurtis Robinson R
Native Project Toni Lodge CCC
Pioneer Human Services Dan Sigler CCC
Presiding Judges Judge Clarke (Superior)
  ​Judge Smith (District) ​CCC
  Judge Staab (Municipal) ​R
Prosecutor Larry Haskell (County) R
Providence Hospital Cathy McInroe CCC
Public Defender Tom Krzyminski (County)
  Kathy Knox (City)  
  ​Breean Beggs (City Council) ​​​R
  Gerry Gemmill (County CEO) ​C
  Mary Kuney (County Commissioner) ​C
Spokane Community Against Racism (SCAR) Curtis Hampton R
Spokane Regional Law & Justice Council Al French (Chair)

  Justin Bingham (Vice-chair) R
  Carmen Pacheco-Jones (Racial Equity Committee Chair) CCC