Previous Foreclosures

Parcels sold at auction may sell for more than what is owed to the Treasurer's Office.  Per RCW 84.64.080 the excess amount is held for the party and/or parties who held title to the property on the day the Treasurer filed the Certificate of Delinquency.  If you were the title holder on the date of filing, you will receive a letter & application from the Treasurer's Office to claim your excess proceeds.  You may be contacted by persons claiming you need assistance in applying for these excess proceeds.  Per Washington State Law, if you held title when the Certificate of Delinquency was filed, the excess proceeds are yours and you will be notified by the Treasurer's Office with instructions on how to claim the excess proceeds.

2020 Foreclosure Auction Results

2020 Auction Sales Results (PDF)

2019 Foreclosure Auction Results

2019 Auction Sales Results (PDF)

2018 Foreclosure Auction Results

2018 1st Auction Sales Results (PDF)

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2017 Foreclosure Auction Results

2017 1st Auction Sales Results (PDF)

2017 Sales Results from Re-offer (PDF)

2016 Foreclosure Auction Results

2016 Auction Sales Results (PDF)