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Mission Statement:
Spokane County Regional Veteran's Service Center strives to provide a comprehensive array of Veterans programs and services to Eastern Washington Veterans in a positive culture of honor and respect for their military service.

Vision Statement:
To be the State's flagship Government Veteran service agency renowned for innovation, leadership, and Veteran oriented services leading to long term positive outcomes for our veterans and our community.

Veteran Services Overview: Spokane County/WDVA

A Special Message About Us 

 Since 1952 Spokane County Veterans Services administers the Veterans' Assistance Fund as mandated by State Law to provide emergency relief to indigent veterans residing in Spokane County. The purpose of the Veteran's Assistance Fund is to provide emergency assistance to qualified Veterans in need. It is funded by Spokane County using property tax dollars. We are not part of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and assistance is provided on an emergency need basis only.


Spokane County Veteran's Services has been a department of Spokane County since 1952. Originally known as the Veteran's Aid Bureau, the office administered the "Soldiers and Sailor's Relief Fund" which can be traced back to the 1890s.
 Each county in the state of Washington is responsible for providing emergency financial services to indigent wartime veterans, widows and their families. Funding for these programs are mandated by law and comes from a small portion of each county's property tax revenues.
In January 2017, Spokane County Regional Veteran Services established an innovative strategic partnership with the Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs in order to expand our services offered to Veterans in Eastern Washington. We are now providing a comprehensive array of services to include:
 * Financial and Emergency Relief Services
 * Employment Services
 * Transition Services
 * Re-Entry Services
 * Outreach & Advocacy
 Commissioner Appointed Veterans Advisory Board
 Just like other large counties in the state, this office has an advisory committee known as the Veterans Advisory Board. It is comprised of representatives from nationally recognized Veteran's Service Organizations and other community leaders in the Veterans Services Arena.  
For more information regarding the laws governing this office see Chapter 73.08.010 RCW Veteran's Relief.