McLellan Forest Management

McLellan Conservation Area was acquired in 1996 with Conservation Futures funding. A significant portion of the property was impacted and burned in Firestorm '91. As a result of that fire, Ponderosa pine successfully re-colonized the burn areas - too successfully. The extreme density of trees creates competition for limited resources. As a result, 30 year old trees are less than 1/4 of the height they should be and are much more vulnerable to disease and insects such a pine bark beetle. A forest management plan was developed to help guide Spokane County's efforts to improve the forest's health while also enhancing wildlife habitat and reducing the risk of catastrophic fire. 

Project Timeline: Phase 1 (63 acres) November 2018 - mid-February 2019

Funding: Phase 1 - McLellan Endowment Fund, Washington State Department of Natural Resources


McLellan Forest Management Plan
McLellan Phase 1 - Treatment Area Map