Spokane County 5177 Mental Health Prosecutorial Diversion Program 

What is the 5177 Diversion Program?

The 5177 Diversion Program is a partnership of staff from two Spokane County departments:

  • Community Services 
  • Detention Services 

The 5177 Diversion Program aims to avoid unnecessary competency evaluations, incarcerations, and reduce recidivism. This is done by assisting the participant in gaining access to treatment to address their specific needs. Treatment resources will vary for each participant, but can include: inpatient mental health treatment, outpatient mental health treatment, inpatient substance use disorder treatment, inpatient co-occurring treatment, outpatient substance use disorder treatment, and outpatient co-occurring treatment.  We also assist participants in getting connected with various community resources to ensure they are successful in the program and after completion of the program.

The Diversion Program provides care coordination services to assist participants in getting connected with various community resources, to ensure they are successful in the program and after completion. Individuals may be provided subsidies to help overcome barriers to help with shelter, housing, identification, transportation, cellular minutes, hygiene items, clothing, and other areas of need included within an individual's care plan.

While in the program participants will engage in treatment, agree to not use any substances that have not been prescribed to them, attend all court dates, commit no new crimes, and check-in with Shiloh Reynolds (Peer Support Specialist) or Jamie Knox (Case Manager) on a weekly basis. If all requirements are met and successfully completed, the case will be eligible for dismissal with prejudice. 

Who is eligible?

Persons with behavioral health issues including, but not limited to: mental health, substance use disorder, traumatic brain injury, Autism-Spectrum Disorder, developmental disabilities, co-occurring mental health and substance use issues that can be managed by community-based resources

Persons who have committed misdemeanors or low-level felonies (*felonies considered on a case-by-case basis).

Eligible participants must agree to:

  • Must voluntarily agree to be in program and attend appropriate treatment
  • Must agree to court mandates to not use/consume/possess illegal or illicit substances
  • Must agree to not possess firearms while engaged in the program  
  • Follow the treatment plan set by their behavioral health provider
  • Sign releases with their treatment provider the Diversion Program staff
  • Submit to random drug and alcohol testing if requested by the court

Crimes not eligible for 5177 Diversion:

  • 1st or 2nd degree assault of a child
  • 1st degree extortion
  • All sex crimes
  • 1st or 2nd degree kidnapping
  • Leading organized crime
  • Manslaughter/murder
  • 1st or 2nd degree robbery
  • Theft of a motor vehicle 

Referral Process:

Completed referral forms and release of information may be sent to Jamie Knox at Spokane County Community Services Department via email jknox@spokanecounty.org or slreynolds@spokanecounty.org secure fax (509) 477-6204.

Referrals must be sent via secure means due to protected health information.

Diversion staff will review each case for eligibility based on criminal history, mental health diagnosis, and participant needs. 

For more information about the Diversion Program, please contact:

Read about the 5177 Prosecutorial Diversion Program:

We look forward to working with you on your recovery journey!