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Supportive Living Program (SLP)

The Supportive Living Program has been providing critical services to individuals who are homeless with serious or chronic mental illness for over 33 years to help them live more stable, productive lives through a combination of behavioral health services and housing supports. Services, include but are not limited to:

  • Work with individuals step-by-step towards their goals
  • Assist individuals in finding, securing, and maintaining housing by overcoming barriers with past evictions, criminal and credit issues
  • Step-by-step in locating housing, completing applications, interviews, compliance paperwork, and lease signing
  • Education and assistance with all HUD housing in the community, application and placement on wait lists
  • Utility set up and moving arrangements
  • Entitlements-DSHS/SS applications
  • Advocacy for individual rights
  • Referral to Fair Housing
  • Help individuals in navigating legal, credit, identification and eviction issues that are impacting their ability to secure housing
  • Help individuals obtain ID, birth certificates and SS cards
  • Development of independent living skills and symptom management strategies
  • Comprehensive community support services and community resources
  • One-on-one skills training for the individual to successfully live in their apartment including but not limited to, meal planning and preparation, money management, bus training, entitlements, etc.
  • Community integration and socialization

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