Re-entry Grant

Spokane County Pathways HUB Reentry Project

Spokane County, in partnership with Better Health Together, received a Smart Reentry Grant from the Bureau of Justice in October of 2017.  The grant is designed to pair approximately 200 individuals transitioning out of jail with Community Health Workers.  Using Better Health Together' s Pathways Hub model of care coordination, Community Health Workers will support their clients as they identify and address their specific needs, which may include, but are not limited to: medical, legal, housing, substance use, transportation, employment, education.

This grant also establishes a Regional Reentry Network Task Force. The Regional Reentry Network Task Force is a forum for policymakers, community agencies, impacted individuals, and interested community members to discuss reentry efforts in our region on a regular basis. The Task Force will review data from the Pathways HUB project to help guide the Community Health Worker’s efforts, creating a constant feedback loop between front-line staff and department heads to ensure best practices.

In addition to the work of Community Health Workers and the Reentry Network Task Force, academic evaluators will provide feedback throughout the initiative and after completion of the grant in September of 2021. This research will help Spokane County to identify which efforts are successful, which aren't, and how we can further strengthen services across our region. 

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