Let's Talk Trash

The Spokane County Regional Solid Waste System (SCRSWS) informative recycling commercial is officially completed! To view our new commercial, click on the link below:

Spokane Solid Waste 2019: https://youtu.be/urcWUEtxVGI

For a more detailed list of what you can and can't put in the recycle bin, visit our recycling homepage here: Recycling Home Page.

If you would like to know more interesting bits of information regarding how Spokane County handles its solid waste, how our recycling is handled, and other interesting things about waste, check out our Garbage Goat Blog here: Garbage Goat Blog.

Recycling Commercial Announcement

The Spokane County Regional Solid Waste System (SCRSWS) has partnered with KHQ (Q6) to produce a new and informative commercial about recycling, and we want YOU in our commercial! For a chance to be featured in our recycling commercial, you must create a fun costume of a recyclable item and upload a picture wearing the costume here: https://www.khq.com/contests/talk_trash/#/gallery