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Recycling contamination is a big problem in our County and nationwide.  The three most common contaminants in recycling carts are:



•    TANGLERS (twine, garden hoses, holiday lights)

These items do not belong in a recycling cart and have multiple negative impacts including contaminating clean recyclables, interfering with sorting processes, driving up processing costs, and damaging recycling equipment.

With funding provided by The Recycling Partnership, all three of the County’s residential recycling haulers are working together to educate residents through cart tagging. Education is focused on two things:

1.    eliminating plastic bags in recycling carts, and 

2.    encouraging residents to place the correct items in recycling

If you have questions regarding any outreach you have received, or would like outreach in your community, please contact the County’s recycling hotline or your hauler.

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Recycling Hotline Phone #: (509) 477-6800



City of Spokane Phone #: (509) 755-2489


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Sunshine Disposal
Phone #:
(509) 924-5678


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Waste Management
 Phone #: 
(509) 535-0284


The Great Spokane County Scavenger Hunt!

Spokane County Environmental Services is excited to launch a community-wide, eco-scavenger hunt to celebrate autumn and all the wonderful resources Spokane County has!  

It’s free and easy to play along. Earn prizes such as Skyride tickets, artistic sun catchers and more! The more involved you get, the more likely your chances of winning prizes. All ages, and anyone residing in Spokane County is welcome to participate. Missions are written for a variety of ages – so choose and complete the ones that interest you!

Get Started! 

  1. On your smart phone, download the FREE GooseChase App and sign up for an account.
  2. Search for VJX8L7 to join the scavenger hunt.
  3. Create a team of one (that’s you) or create a team with friends.
  4. Start completing missions starting on Saturday, October 10 and ending on Saturday, October 31 -Halloween! New missions will be added to the GooseChase app each week, so be sure to check in often.

Questions? Contact Jack Rumery – jrumery@spokanecounty.org

Scavenger Hunt