Ban the Bag Project


Recycling Contamination is a big problem in our County and nationwide.  The three most common contaminants in recycling bins are:

  • TANGLERS (twine, garden hoses, holiday lights)

These items do not belong in a recycling bin and have multiple negative impacts including contaminating clean recyclables, interfering with sorting processes, driving up processing costs, and damaging recycling equipment.

In the fall of 2018, all three of the County’s residential recycling haulers undertook a coordinated bin tagging outreach effort with Spokane County to educate residents to not include plastic bags in their recycling carts.  If you have questions regarding any outreach you have received, or would like outreach in your community, please contact the County’s recycling hotline or your hauler.

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Recycling Hotline Phone #: ​509-477-6800​​​​


City of Spokane Phone #: (509) 755-2489​​

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Sunshine Disposal
​Phone #:
​(509) 924-5678

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Waste Management
​ Phone #:
​ (509) 535-0284