Geiger Boulevard Infrastructure Improvements

Current Status Update

January 2020

Phase 1 - Geiger Boulevard - Hayford to Soda

Full-scale construction work was halted in November of 2019 to winter-over the project. Utility work that can be completed in cold weather has progressed over the winter months. Full scale construction will resume in the spring of 2020 to complete Hayford and Geiger intersection traffic signal, shared-use path, road widening East of Amazon improvements to Thomas Mallen Road and other outstanding work to complete the project. 

Road widening from Thomas Mallen Road to Soda Road is underway by a Tax Increment Finance (TIF) project being constructed concurrently by a developer. This work is partially underway over the winter months but activity will increase in the spring of 2020. 

Geiger Boulevard is currently closed between Thomas Mallen and Soda Roads. The detour utilized Electric Avenue, 53rd Avenue and Hayford Road. Access to properties and businesses along Geiger from Soda to Electric is open. Access to Amazon from Geiger is currently open via Thomas Mallen or Hayford, but Thomas Mallen will be closed intermittently as work progresses on Geiger until project completion. 

Phase 2 - Geiger Boulevard - Soda to Grove/Flightline

Project Design is currently underway with construction and anticipated for the summer of 2020.

September 2019

The construction contractor will be closing both Geiger Blvd. and Hayford Rd., starting 9/30/2019. The closure is in conjunction with WSDOT’s 10-day closure of west bound I-90 interchange at the Medical Lake exit. Detour routes for the area can be found here. Local access for residents and businesses will be maintained primarily on Hayford Rd. 

Following these closures, Hayford Rd. north of Geiger improvements will be complete and re-opened to traffic while work continues on Geiger, east of Hayford.

July 2019

Spokane County Public Works opened bids for the Geiger Boulevard - Hayford Road to Soda Road Project on June 26th, 2019. Shamrock Paving Inc. was the low bidder and has been awarded the contract. Work is anticipated to begin the end of July / early August and continue through November 2019.

General Description

​Geiger Boulevard is an important corridor within the Spokane Region transportation network and has become the attraction for new large employers and economic generators within Spokane County. Lands bordering Geiger Boulevard are mainly zoned for commercial and industrial development, and in recent years there have been several applications to develop these lands. Of these applications, Project Rose is significant. Project Rose is a 2.6 million square - foot, Amazon - like warehouse and distribution center that is estimated to bring 2,963 new jobs to the area. Project Rose is also expected to substantially increase the number of vehicles, especially heavy trucks, along Geiger Boulevard and connecting I-90 facilities. Spokane County requested $14.3 million to upgrade Geiger Boulevard. When complete, infrastructure improvements along Geiger Boulevard will deliver long-lasting connectivity to Spokane County and the City of Spokane’s developing industrial lands, and will support further economic activity and development in the region. A robust benefit cost analysis has been completed and shows that for every dollar of investment in Geiger Boulevard improvements, the project yields a benefit of over $60.3 million.

Improvements along Geiger Boulevard and connecting facilities include:

• The upgrade of Geiger Boulevard from a two-lane bituminous surface road (chip-sealed) to a three-lane asphalt roadway with a center left-turn lane and a separated 10’ shared-used pathway

​ • The signalization of the Hayford Road & Geiger Boulevard intersection

​ • The upgrade of ramp terminals at both the Medical Lake and Grove Road Interchanges, from stop-controlled intersections to roundabouts

​ • The installation of a new parallel bridge across I-90 at the Medical Lake Interchange to provide additional vehicle travel lanes as well as a shared-use pathway

​ • The installation and design considerations for bus stops at major intersections and trip generators along Geiger Boulevard (i.e. Project Rose)

​ • The installation of water, sewer, and fiber utilities along the length of the corridor that services current and future industrial and commercial developments

  1. Public Works

    Physical Address
    1026 W Broadway Avenue
    Public Works Building
    Spokane, WA 99260-0170

    Mailing Address
    1026 W Broadway Avenue
    Public Works Building
    Spokane, WA 99260-0170

    Phone: 509-477-3600
    Fax: 509-477-7655

Funding Partners

  • Spokane County ( Link )
  • WSDOT ( Link )
  • STA ( Link )
  • City of Spokane ( Link )
  • West Plains/Airport Area Public Development Authority ( Link )