CDBG Subrecipient Management Documents

Congratulations on being selected as a subrecipient to receive Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Below you will find all pertinent documents you will need to manage your CDBG project.

For ALL Subrecipients

Documents used for ALL CDBG projects -Public Services, Infrastructure, Economic Development, and Housing

For Public Service, Economic Development, Housing

Sample Documents for Public Services, Economic Development, and Housing

For Infrastructure

Documents that will help in successful infrastructure project management

Sample Policies

Below is sample polities that you can use and adopt

Project Assignments

Project Administrator Project # Project Name
Richard Culton CDBG 18-02 The Greenhouse Community Center- Emergency Service
Richard Culton CDBG 18-05 L C S N W for Victims of Sexual Assault-Emergency Services
Richard Culton CDBG 18-07 Salvation Army-Food Bank-Nutrition
Richard Culton CDBG 18-08 Second Harvest Food Back-Nutrition
Richard Culton CDBG 18-09 Greater Spokane County Meals on Wheels -Senior Nutrition
Richard Culton CDBG 18-10 SNAP Emergency Housing Repair-Housing Rehabilitation
Richard Culton CDBG 18-11 SNAP Financial Access-Micro-Enterprise
Richard Culton CDBG 18-14 Town of Rockford – Water & Sewer Improvements
Christy Jeffers CDBG 18-01 Cheney Outreach Center-Emergency Services
Christy Jeffers CDBG 18-03 Spokane Valley Partners-Emergency Services
Christy Jeffers CDBG 18-04 Medical Lake Community Outreach-Emergency Services
Christy Jeffers CDBG 18-06 New Hope Resource Center-Emergency Services
Christy Jeffers CDBG 18-12 City of Spokane Valley-Sidewalk Improvements #1 Wilbur
Christy Jeffers CDBG 18-17 City of Spokane Valley-Sidewalk Improvements #2 Knox
Christy Jeffers CDBG 18-13 City of Cheney-Water & Street Improvements