Bidwell Park Development

(Updated 06.29.2020) - Notice of Cancellation of 2020 Aquatics Seasons - click here.  General park construction continues... drone photo taken 6.19.2020 below.


(Updated 03.23.2020) - Notice of delayed opening at Northside Aquatic Facility - click here.  General park construction continues on-site, with good progress on park infrastructure.  The County’s contractor is expected to continue site work through the 2020 construction season.  Dependent on weather and/or other potential delays, the entire park should be open to the public in the spring of 2021.

(Updated 09.24.19) - Construction is underway at Bidwell Park!  Demolition, rough-grading, and infrastructure work (i.e. electrical, water, sewer, storm drain) are all taking place simultaneously on-site.  The contractor is pushing to get as much done as possible before winter weather hits.  Construction on plumbing infrastructure for the new water slides and splash pad is also ongoing.

(Updated 07.09.19) - On June 18th, 2019, Spokane County finalized a construction contract with LaRiviere, Inc. (who submitted the lowest responsive bid for the project) to complete construction of Bidwell Park.  A pre-construction meeting is scheduled for July 15th, and construction on Phase 2 is expected to begin shortly after.

(Updated 06.07.19) - Spokane County Parks, Recreation and Golf is in the process of completing the development of Bidwell Park, a 19-acre community park in the Mead / Colbert area of North Spokane.  Phase 1, which included the development of 4.5 acres and the Northside Family Aquatic Facility was completed in 2006.  Phase 2, which includes completion of approximately 10 acres of the park with many long-awaited amenities, was recently awarded grant funding from the Washington State Recreation & Conservation Office.  Construction on phase 2 is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2019 (Final schedule TBD).  

Phase 3 of park development (which will complete the park) is scheduled to wrap-up by the end of 2021 at the latest.  County Parks Staff are currently seeking additional grant funding for Phase 3 "enhanced", which would add amenities to the 3rd stage of park development that could include a 2nd ball-field, sand volleyball courts, and pickle ball courts.  The final design / amenities included in Phase 3 of park development will depend on the success of current grant applications.  To view additional details and conceptual site plans, please see project documents below.

In addition to completing the park, the existing North Side Family Aquatics Facility (initially constructed as Phase 1 of Bidwell Park in 2006) will be enhanced in time for the 2020 aquatics season.  Planned enhancements include the addition of two large water slides, a splash pad with heated water, and additional deck space to accommodate more visitors. Construction for aquatic facility enhancements is scheduled to begin, following the 2019 aquatics season.

Project Documents (Updated 06.07.19):

Project Timeline Goals (Updated 09.24.19):

  • A&E Drawing & Specification Package Completion (Phases 2 and 3 combined)
    • March 2018
  • Release Drawing & Specification Package for Bids
    • March 2019
  • Award Contract, Issue Notice to Proceed
    • June 2019
  • Break Ground on Phase 2 (Excluding Aquatic Facility Enhancements)
    • July 2019
  • Break Ground on Phase 3 and Aquatic Facility Enhancements
    • September 2019
  • Substantial Completion of Aquatic Facility Enhancements
    • May 15th, 2020
  • Final Completion of Aquatic Facility Enhancements
    • May 29th, 2020
  • Substantial Completion of Phase 2 
    • October 1st, 2020
  • Final Completion of Phase 2
    • November 1st, 2020
  • Final Completion of Phase 3 (Completion of Park)
    • May 15th, 2021

Please Note:  The timelines herein are subject to change in the future, and should be considered as an approximate framework / goal for progression of development within the park.

Funding Summary (Updated 03.23.2020):

  • Phase 2
    • $500,000.00 - WA RCO Grant (WWRP - Local Parks Category)
    • $500,000.00 - WA RCO Grant (LWCF)
    • $5,041,742.00 - Total Spokane County Appropriation (Source:  REET)
    • $33,030.00 - Contribution from Developer for P2 Asphalt Pathways (As Per Developer Agreement)
    • $9,400.00 - Remaining donation from property sellers
  • Phase 3
    • $1,098,656.00 - Spokane County Appropriation (Source:  REET)
    • $250,000.00 - WA RCO Grant (YAF Category)
    • $500,000.00 - WA RCO Grant (WWRP - Local Parks Category)
    • $19,818.00 - Contribution from Developer for P3 Asphalt Pathways (As Per Developer Agreement)

Total Project Budget:  $7,952,646.00

For more information or project updates, please contact Kris Krohn (Park Planner / Landscape Architect) at (509) 477-6395 or