Fulcrum Offender & Re-Education Program

The Fulcrum Institute Dispute Resolution Clinic began educational programs at Geiger in June, 2012. Taught by instructors of Fulcrum Dispute Resolution Clinic who have experience facilitating dispute resolution in the private and public sector.

Anger Management

(2 Hours Per Week/5 Weeks)
Students will learn to:
  • Assess individual anger for the purpose of understanding and identifying rational and irrational thoughts and behavior.
  • Identify trigger points and develop a proactive approach to reduce inappropriate emotional escalation.
  • Identify individual temperament styles and how to bridge the gap when one temperament style clashes with another.
  • Develop assertive communication skills to get their point across while preserving relationships at home or the workplace.
  • Develop coping strategies to assist in stressful or emotionally charged situations.

Stress Management

(2 Hours Per Week/5 Weeks)
Students will learn to identify personal stress sources, physical responses to stress, effects of chronic stress, and links to other conditions. They will practice effective methods of stress management that include progressive relaxations, refuting automatic negative thoughts, mindfulness, and developing personal coping plans.

Job Skills

(2 Hours Per Week/5 Weeks)
Course Objectives: Students will identify their skills, prepare a master application, and create a resume and cover letter by the end of the course. Students will also learn how to effectively search for employment, follow-up, and appropriately contact employers. Other coursework will include interviewing, job search methods, and employer incentives for hiring felons.

Emotional Intelligence

(2 Hours Per Week/5 Weeks)
Students will learn to:
  • Be able to recognize, understand, communicate, and manage their feelings.
  • Redirect patterns of negative behavior.
  • Understand, use, and appreciate the role of emotional intelligence in the workplace and at home.
  • Create a personal vision statement and validate emotions in themselves and others.

Interpersonal Communications

(2 Hours Per Week/5 Weeks)
Students will learn and apply interpersonal communication skills. Learning experiences will include work with personal growth, verbal and nonverbal skills, perception, listening, and how to develop healthy personal relationships.

Relationship Management

(2 Hours Per Week/5 Weeks)
Students will explore a variety of approaches to using communication, conflict management, and building intimacy in context of relationships. Students will also learn how to exercise emotional management to build rapport and improve the overall quality of existing relationships.