SAR Council and Teams

There are a number of teams that comprise the Search and Rescue (SAR) program, and all are 501c3 non-profit organizations. The SAR Council is the overarching organization for the SAR teams and is also a 501c3 non-profit.

The goal of the council is to provide education, financial support, fundraising, marketing and public relations for all the teams. Funds acquired are used to help cover team equipment, training, travel, all-weather clothing and other expenses.

Each team has their area of expertise and one member from each team has a representative on the Council. In conjunction with the SCSO, the SAR Council coordinates four mock exercises per year.

For questions about the Council, please contact the SAR Council.

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SAR Teams

All members must be certified to be called out to assist law enforcement. Certification is done through a 40-60 hour academy run by the Sheriff's Office. Search and Rescue workers assist law enforcement with missing and lost person searches, and may also do evidence search/recovery for major crimes.

We are always looking for new volunteers, so if you are interested, please click here for more information.

Explorer Search And Rescue (ESAR)

Spokane's ESAR trains youth and young adults in search and rescue techniques, survival, communications, and first-aid. Members assist law enforcement in the same capacity as the other SAR teams.
ESAR Website | Join Search and Rescue

Inland Northwest Search and Rescue (INSAR)

INSAR provides search and rescue personnel and resources that are available 24/7 and can work all seasons in wilderness, rural and/or urban environments. 
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Intermountain Search Dogs (ISD)

ISD provides professionally trained dogs and handlers to assist with air scent, trailing, and human remains detection. 
ISD Website | Join Search and Rescue

Winter Knights (WK)

Winter Knights provide ATV support in summer and snow mobile support in winter. A personal snowmobile and/or ATV is not required, but encouraged.
Winter Knights Website | Join Search and Rescue