Faith-Based Programs

Traditional Church Service

Offered each Sunday afternoon.

Catholic Worship Services

Held every other Friday afternoon.

Bible Study

Weekly Bible studies are offered to both male and female offenders one day per week.

Bondage Breakers

Shirley Main presents lessons on life changes, conduct religious discussions, lead work groups, and lend moral support. She has served as lay minister to Washington State Penitentiary inmates throughout the 1990s, and have ministered at Geiger since 2003.

Celebrate Recovery

This dynamic 12-step program is tailored to meet the needs of program inmates. The Program offers hope-infused support. It frames the Bible as “forward-looking,” emphasizing personal responsibility and spiritual commitment. Celebrate Recovery’s basic tenant demonstrates how we need each other to grow spiritually and emotionally. The program addresses all types of problems and addictions.

Alcoholics Anonymous Groups
In-custody males and females attend separately on Saturdays. Facilitated by volunteers of AA. Alcoholics Anonymous began at Geiger in April 2012.