Work Release

About the Program

The Work Release program is an alternative sentencing option that allows an offender to continue their employment and treatment while incarcerated at Geiger Corrections Center. Offenders are allowed to leave the facility to work, attend treatment or other authorized activities in order to maintain community ties.

Offenders participating in Work Release are supervised by a case manager who completes a needs assessment and directs offenders to the appropriate treatment services and structured programs. Case managers monitor the offenders to ensure program compliance and completion. Random drug testing is used to identify illegal drugs or alcohol consumption. Offenders participating in Work Release are required to pay $15 per day ($150 per day if sentenced out of Spokane County), to defer incarceration costs.

Work Release Requirements

  • Appropriate offense conduct.
  • No current domestic violence (DV) charges or extensive DV history.
  • Can work only one job, and work a minimum of 20 hours per week. No split shifts.
  • Can work up to 10 hours a day and 5 days a week.
  • Cannot work further than 60 miles from Geiger Corrections Center.
  • Must work within Spokane County unless court order authorizes out of county work(Must be within 60 miles).
  • Can do treatment, but schedule must be attached to work schedule.