WRIA 55 Stream Flow Mitigation Certificates

Stream Flow Mitigation Certificates ("mitigation certificates") allow an exempt water well user to use a well for domestic use and not be subject to the Little Spokane River Instream Flow Rule.  A mitigation certificate is required to obtain a building permit in the Little Spokane River watershed, also known as WRIA 55 (Water Resource Inventory Area) in Spokane County.

Before proceeding below, please read through this comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions.  This includes information about who is eligible for a mitigation certificate, how to determine if your property is within the approved mitigation area, the cost and more.

NOTE:  While applications are now being accepted, the County will begin taking payments and issuing certificates the second week of January.


1.   Review the Statements of Understanding and Agreement.

2.   After reviewing the FAQs, complete the online application.  Use these instructions to assist you.

3.   Spokane County Environmental Services staff reviews the application and if additional information or clarification is required, the applicant will be contacted.

4.   After review, staff emails to the applicant a completed and approved application along with the property covenant and avigation easement.

5.   The applicant prints and signs the application and property covenant, then brings hard copies down to Spokane County Building and Planning along with payment.

6.   Staff generates the mitigation certificate and record the certificate and covenant with the Spokane County Auditor.

7.   Staff emails the recording number and mail the hard copy of the recorded certificate to the applicant.

Access a list of forms and documents here.