Courthouse Tours

Tour Group Information

Spokane County Superior Court welcome's individuals or small groups to tour the premises and witness court proceedings. Currently, there is not a guided tour available. Be advised there is security at all public entrances and some items may not be permitted.

  • For those groups with students the Court suggests a chaperone with each group.
  • The Court suggests no more than 20 individuals per courtroom during court proceedings. 
  • For further information on current proceedings please contact the Superior Court.

If you plan to visit Spokane County Superior Court, you may find this information helpful: What to Expect when Visiting Spokane Superior Court

Activity Book

A revised edition of What's Happening in Washington State Courts has been made available through the Public Trust and Confidence Committee. Below are direct links to the activity books based on grade level. 

General Advisement's

Courtroom rules are generally posted on or outside the door to the courtroom.

The courtrooms are open to the public unless otherwise posted on the courtroom door. 

Audio and video recording are not permitted during court proceedings. For specific requests please contact the Judicial Assistant for that courtroom.