Archived Rules, Amendments, & Notices

The call-in ready phone number is 509-477-3886, 2 days prior to the hearing by 12 noon.

Must Read Notice

The most recent session of Washington State Legislature has amended the Guardianship Statutes RCW 11.88 and 11.92. The guardian forms have been updated effective July 22, 2011. Please use the updated forms below. For more information, see the Guardianship page.


The Guardianship and Trust forms have been revised and renumbered effective March 16, 2009, to include the new Washington Pattern Model Forms. The Court will not accept the following Washington Pattern Forms:

  •  Order Appointing Guardian of Person/Estate WPF GDN 04.0100
  •  Guardian's Report and Accounting and Order Approving WPF GDN 05.0300 and 05.0400
  •  Order Approving Personal Care Plan WPF GDN 05.0600
  • Substitute local forms are found below.