DART (Disaster Assistance Response Team)

What is DART?

DART stands for Disaster Assistance Response Team and was started to encourage more volunteer participation during major emergencies and disasters.

What is the goal of DART?

The more people who are signed up to volunteer and have diverse skills, the easier it will be for us to reach and request assistance in times of need. NOTE: if you sign up for DART, you are not required to assist in a disaster--it just makes it easier for us to contact you to see whether you are interested and available. 

Why is DART needed?

When disaster strikes, we need to know what volunteers are available and what they are capable of doing. By connecting with volunteers in advance, we learn about their qualifications, as well as other skills and interests. In addition, it enables us to do a background check in advance, which expedites the volunteer check-in process during an incident. NOTE: Volunteers can only perform limited tasks during an incident if they have not had a background check. 

Who is eligible to be a member of DART?

Any individual who is 18 years of age or older. All applicants must fill out an application, possess a valid driver's license or state issued ID, and pass a detailed background check by the Spokane County Sheriff's Office. 

What are the training requirements?

Volunteers, once approved, are required to complete the following training to be a full member of DART:

  • FEMA IS 100 and 700 (online training)
  • Introduction to Emergency Management and being an Emergency Worker (classroom training). Note: If necessary, this training might happen during an incident at the volunteer check-in location. 

IMPORTANT: once you have passed the background check and have completed the FEMA trainings, you are an official emergency worker. You will receive a t-shirt and ID at your first incident check-in. The more training you have, the more work you will be able to do. Please note: per federal regulations, emergency workers are not allowed to volunteer in any area that is beyond their level of training. 

For Current Volunteers: 

1) GSEM, SAR, HEART, and MRC volunteers, as well as SCSO Chaplains are all pre-qualified for DART and only need to confirm their interest in being a member.

2) SCOPE volunteers are also pre-qualified pending approval by the SCOPE Liaison to the Sheriff's Office. However, they will need to complete the FEMA online training. 

Training Opportunities

Diverse trainings will be made available to all DART volunteers and volunteers will be notified via email about the details.

Online Application

NOTE: A qualifications, skills & interests form will be available online in the very near future.

To join DART or if you have questions: 

Call Simone Ramel-Mckay at (509) 477-3006 or via email.