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Date Meeting Presentation
6/8/2022 SRLJC Meeting Jail discussion presentation;     Custody Count; Equity Assessment for Bylaws
1/12/2022 SRLJC Meeting Sheriff's Anti-Violence Effort Presentation
1/12/2022 SRLJC Meeting 2022 SRLJC Priority List
7/14/2021 SRLJC Meeting 2021-0459 Resolution
7/14/2021 SRLJC Meeting 2021-0458 Resolution
6/09/2021 SRLJC Meeting Admin Committee Priority Areas
6/09/2021 SRLJC Meeting Progress of Justice Task Force Recommendations
5/12/2021 SRLJC Meeting Strategic Planning Recommendation
5/12/2021 SRLJC Meeting Co-Responders Presentation
3/10/2021 SRLJC Meeting
1/13/2021 SRLJC Meeting Blueprint Short Term 
1/13/2021 SRLJC Meeting Letter from Community Member
12/09/2020 SRLJC Meeting Mental Health Crisis Stabilization Facility
6/10/2020 SRLJC Meeting Email from Community Members
6/12/2019 SRLJC Meeting Jail Booking Presentation
3/13/2019 SRLJC Meeting 2019 Mental Health Tax Pie Chart
2019 Mental Health Tax Detail
​SRHD Policy Partner Slideshow
02/13/2019 SRLJC Meeting Trueblood Presentation - Jan Dobbs
01/09/2019 SRLJC Meeting High Performance Courts Presentation
Envision Center Presentation
12/12/2018 SRLJC Meeting PSA Stakeholder Presentation
11/14/2018 SRLJC Meeting
09/10/2018 SRLJC Meeting Sheriff Knezovich Presentation

* Starting in February  of 2019 we restarted audio recording the SRLJC meetings.  Audio files will be uploaded with the Agenda's for their corresponding meetings *
If you are looking for a specific presentation from one of the earlier SRLJC or committee meetings, it may be attached to the minutes of that meeting.  If you still do not find the presentation please contact the office of the Law and Justice Administrator.  Contact Us