SRLJC History

Below is a timeline of where our most recent Spokane Regional Law and Justice council began and what has transpired since it's reestablishment in 2014.

SRLJC Timeline

Date Event Comments
11/21/2012 Criminal Justice Commission formed City of Spokane and Spokane County appoint a 3-person commission to study the regional criminal justice system and make recommendations.
Mar-Nov 2013 SRCJC Meetings The Criminal Justice Commission held meetings with all CJ stakeholders and gathered current operating processes and heard their successes and challenges.
1/10/2014 Blueprint for Reform is published The Criminal Justice Commission write up the Blueprint for Reform with observations and recommendations.
April 2014 Criminal Justice Administrator Dr. Jacqueline van Wormer, Ph D is contracted as the 1st Spokane Regional Criminal Justice Administrator.
5/6/2014 Spokane Regional Law and Justice Council reestablished See Resolution 14-0392.
10/24/2014 7 Subcommittees formed Process & Planning, Risk/Needs/Responsivity, Performance Measures, Evidence Based Processes, Facilities, & Technology
3/11/2015 Glenn Harris presents on racial equity to SRLJC. Disproportionate impact of the criminal justice system on people of color is documented using data.
3/23/2015 Community member seats added to SRLJC The Spokane Board of County Commissioners add two community member seats to the SRLJC.
3/30/2015 MacArthur Safety and Justice Challenge Grant applied for MacArthur S&J Application
4/15/2015 SRLJC By-laws adopted SRLJC By-laws proposed by the Process & Planning subcommittee are adopted. 
​See link to original By-laws 4/15/15 .
5/27/2015 MacArthur Phase 1 Planning Grant Awarded. Spokane is one of 20 sites nationwide to receive a planning grant of $150K to this grant was to develop a plan to address jail overcrowding, jail length of stay, and racial and ethnic disparities.
6/26/2015 SRLJC Racial Equity Subcommittee established In response to recommendations in the Blueprint for Reform. The Admin Committee established the Racial Equity Subcommittee.
10/1/2015 1st Racial Equity Subcommittee meeting Ben Stuckart - chair,  Judge Aimee Maurer - vice chair. 
May 2016 MacArthur Grant Phase II $1.7M Safety & Justice Challenge Grant awarded.
11/16/2016 Pretrial Services expanded 4 of 6 new Pre-trial Service Officers hired to expand and implement "Robust" Pretrial Services.
12/9/2016  Mental Health Crisis Stabilization Facility Charter Project Phase I - fact-finding phase. approved. Phase I completed 7/19/2017. 
See Introduction video.
1/11/2017 SAFER Tool Launched Spokane Assessment for Evaluation of Risk (SAFER) software tool introduced in Pretrial Services.
1/11/2017 3 year Strategic Plan adopted 2017 - 2019 Strategic Priorities and Community safety action items document which was developed by the Strategic Planning workgroup.
6/21/2017 Mental Health Crisis Stabilization Facility Charter Project Phase II Implementation phase. approved. Charter Project Implementation Phase II pending authorization. (ETA September 2017)
6/22/2017 Community Re-entry Charter Project approved. The goal of this project will be to work with "Better Health Together" to create a HUB model which will link those coming out of jail with case workers who can follow them through customized 'pathways'. These pathways (i.e. assistance with housing, employment, mental and physical health, etc) will help the individuals to more successfully integrate into society with a lower risk of re-entry back into the criminal justice system.