Consolidated Homeless Grant

The Consolidated Homeless Grant (CHG) program(s) provide resources to fund homeless crisis response systems to support communities in ending homelessness. Homeless crisis response systems respond to the immediacy and urgency of homelessness and make sure that everyone has a safe and appropriate place to live. The vision, principles and goals set forth in the State Homeless State Homeless Strategic Plan guide the management and implementation of CHG. The State Homeless Strategic Plan and Annual Report of the Homeless Grant Programs are located on the Department of Commerce website. Chapter RCW 43.185C Homeless Housing and Assistance authorizes these funds.

Grantee Project Amount Funded
Catholic Charities Rapid Re-Housing Families $500,144
Goodwill Re-Entry $318,081
SNAP Rapid Re-housing Singles $331,902
YWCA Shelter Operations $362,074