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What Not to Do
In order to best protect yourself against Identity Theft, DO NOT DO the following things:
  • Carry your social security card with you. It should be locked in a secure place and used only when absolutely necessary, such as when you obtain a new job or apply for benefits. If someone requests your SSN, ask why it is needed and how it will be used and protected.
  • Send identifying information via email at all or to any site you do not know and trust.
  • Give out personal information on the phone, through the mail, or over the Internet unless you know with whom you are dealing.
  • Respond to unsolicited mail, spam, or pop-ups. If you receive an email that appears to be from your bank, contact your bank directly -Do not respond to or click on a link in an email.
  • Leave checks in an unlocked mailbox. Drop mail off directly at the post office. If possible, obtain a locked mailbox or P.O. Box so incoming mail cannot be stolen.
  • Use obvious passwords like date of birth, mother's maiden name, or the last four digits of your social security number.
  • Use a ball point pen to sign checks, the ink can be erased. Instead use a gel pen.
  • Put the flag up if you have outgoing mail.
Things to Remember
  • Shred information that is no longer needed with a cross-shredder. (Using a shredder that gives straight strips is too easy for thieves to reassemble to get your information).
  • Keep all personal information secure.
  • Use a combination of numbers, upper and lower case letters, and special characters to create passwords.
  • Routinely monitor your accounts and credit reports for unauthorized activity.
  • Avoid telemarketing, contest/sweepstakes entries, chances to win, etc. Also, if you did not enter a sweepstakes contest, you did not win! Do not respond to emails telling you that you have won a contest.
  • Use computer safeguards, such as pop-up blockers, anti-spyware and anti-virus programs.
  • Monitor your accounts online when possible. You can catch unauthorized use much more quickly.
  • Use caution when making Internet or E-Bay purchases.
  • Carry only credit cards that are essential.
  • Ensure that checks have security features.
  • Opt out of credit card offers and put your phone numbers on the Do Not Call list.
  • Stop your mail or put a hold on your mail if you will be out of the area.
  • Obtain your free credit report annually.
  • Look for security features online, either a padlock and/or a website beginning with https://
  • Follow established practices for online auctions.
  • Designate one credit card for online purchases. This should not be a debit card that is directly connected to your bank account.
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