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Making a plan is a vital part of building up your resiliency as a family, and sometimes can seem daunting so try and make it fun. Thankfully there are many organizations, such as Ready.gov, and the Red Cross, that have taken the guess work out of the how, and what of making this plan. There are many templates available to use when making your plans, some of which can be found below along with links to some of the organizations that have created those templates and planning guides.

One thing people may not think about in the planning process is having an Out-of-Area contact. Every member in the family should have an out-of-area contact card on them at all times. Now you may be thinking what is that and why is it important? 

Well here's why:

If you are separated from your loved ones when disaster strikes, you will need a way to find out where they are and if they are OK. The stress of a disaster may make it difficult to remember even the most routine and simple of information, like phone numbers.

There are a number of templates out there that you can use, some contain only a few bits of information, and others are more comprehensive or you can create your own. Check below for links to some of the templates that are out there.


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