Recycle Right, Spokane County!

Do you know what materials go in the Big Blue recycling cart or are accepted at the Spokane County Transfer Station recycling area? Test your recycling knowledge and find out!

RR Cardboard Q
RR Cardboard A
RR Food Scraps Q
RR Food Scraps A
RR Styrofoam Q
RR Styrofoam A
RR Plastic Bags Q
RR Plastic Bags A
RR Office Paper Q
RR Office Paper A
RR Aluminum Cans Q
RR Aluminum Cans A
RR Glass Q
RR Glass A
RR Pizza Boxes Q
RR Pizza Boxes A
RR Steel Cans Q
RR Steel Cans A
RR Caps Lids Straws Q
RR Caps Lids Straws A
RR HH Batteries Q
RR HH Batteries A
RR Plastic Bottles Q
RR Plastic Bottles A
RR Candy Wrappers Q
RR Candy Wrappers A