Spokane County's Recycling Projects

Contamination in our recycling stream is one of the biggest challenges Spokane County's recycling system faces today. When individuals place items into their recycle bin that do not belong in the recycle stream, we increase contamination rates, decrease the value of recycled goods, and even increase hazards for individuals at our local recycling facility. Be on the lookout for Spokane County's most "Unwanted," and please keep these contaminants out of the recycling bin.

For more information on what can - or can't - go in your recycle bin, visit https://www.spokanecounty.org/Recycling.

Spokane County's Most "Unwanted"

1) Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are flimsy and durable—perfect for carrying your groceries, but also great at tangling up the equipment that sorts our recyclables! When bags get left in your recycle bin, they damage equipment and contaminate other recyclables. Take them to your local grocery store instead, and deposit them in a designated bin.

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1) Tanglers

Tanglers (in the recycling world) are materials like wires, ropes, Christmas lights, hoses, clothes, and other items that can get tangled into the recycling equipment that sorts our recyclables! When tanglers get left in your recycle bin, they tangle/damage equipment, causing the sorting facility to temporarily shut down to clean them out! Please take all tanglers to an up-cycling location or put them in the trash.

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1) Food Waste

Although it is tempting to put that greasy pizza box with leftover cheese in the recycling bin, that is considered food waste! When you put food waste in with other recyclable items, the food waste contaminates the clean recyclables and turns them into garbage. Please put your food waste in the clean green bin, trash, or home composting bin.

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