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Electronic Home Monitoring

Electronic Home Monitoring Purpose Statement

Geiger Correction Center’s Electronic Home Monitoring (EHM) Program provides an alternative to jail incarceration for qualified low-risk, sentenced offenders, utilizing individualized case management, state of the art technology, and targeted monitoring. The EHM Program holds offenders accountable for their actions, while reducing jail overcrowding and the high cost of in-custody incarceration. The EHM Program enables low-risk, sentenced offenders to maintain positive, productive relationships with their families, and their Community. 

Participation Criteria

Participation is conditional upon the following criteria:
  • Sentenced to a minimum of 7 days.
  • Appropriate offense conduct.
  • No violent felonies/no violent charges.
  • Stable residence.
  • No current domestic violence (DV) charges or extensive DV history.

Felony Home Monitoring RCW

The Electronic Home Monitoring Program may also be made available to offenders whose charges and convictions do not otherwise disqualify them if medical or health related conditions, concerns, or treatment would be better addressed under the EHM Program, or where the health and welfare of the offender, other inmates, or staff would be jeopardized by the offender’s incarceration. Participation in the EHM Program for medical or health related reasons are conditioned on the offender abiding by the rules of the program and complying with court-ordered restitution.

Equipment Options & Fees

Type of Equipment Daily Rate Weekly Rate
RF Monitoring $4 $28
GPS $5 $35
Alcohol Breath Remote $8 $56

A $25 processing fee will be charged for participation in the Electronic Home Monitoring Program. Each participant will be required to do an initial baseline UA and random testing offsite, with an approximate cost $20 each time.

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