Holcomb Rd Culvert Repair

County  Road Project No 3217 - Holcomb Rd Culvert Repair
Project Manager:  Mick Flugal

Failed culverts under Holcomb Rd allowed water to erode away the base of the road forcing the road to be closed and a temporary bridge structure to be installed for continued use of Holcomb Rd.  The Spokane County Board of County Commissioners took emergency action allowing the Public Works Department to enter into agreements to place a temporary one lane bridge over the failed area and open the road.   A temporary bridge structure obtained from the Washington State Department of Natural Resources is being used as a temporary fix in exchange for $10,000 in “in-kind” work in the near future. 

The Holcomb Rd Culvert Repair Design Project (CRP 3217) has been started to determine a 
permanent solution, hopefully by the end of the 2017 construction season.
 The temporary bridge on Holcomb Rd at Deadman Creek crossing is open but reduced to one-lane traffic.   Please follow all temporary traffic signage.

Update - This project was completed in the Spring of 2018.