Spokane County Detention Services has an array of careers. Below is a list of positions within our department and a brief summary of those duties.

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Detention Corrections Officer

Maintains order and security and supervises activities of inmates at a County Detention facility which houses County inmates, Federal prisoners, and/or work release inmates.

Detention Cook

Involves the preparation of all food and supervision of inmates on a shift in the kitchen of either of the County’s Detention Facilities. Work involves cooking, and supervising inmates in food handling, preparation, sanitation, and service.

Detention Mental Health Professional

Under the authority and direction of the Detention Mental Health Manager, the Mental Health Professional is responsible for providing mental health care and access for all offenders incarcerated at the Spokane County Detention Services facilities.

Detention Technical Assistant

Performs and takes responsibility for various technical and/or clerical duties in a unit of a Corrections department using various computer programs and/or operating technical equipment. Performs and is accountable for general responsibilities inherent to properly maintaining the office of the unit where assigned. Performs lower level accounting work including jail inmate monies; maintains fingerprint files; responsible for delivery of inmate commissary; handles receptionist duties which includes answering multi-line phones and direct contact with the general public; and maintains attendance records for vacation, sick leave, holidays and compensatory time.

Detention Shop Worker

This is skilled journey level mechanical, diagnostic, and repair work on gasoline and/or diesel powered vehicles and equipment. Work consists of journey level welding which includes the ability to do moderate machine work and repairs; replacing tires; and performing front end alignments; and other related maintenance repair work on Detention Services’ vehicles and/or specialty and heavy equipment.