Antoine Peak Public Access Plan

Antoine Peak Conservation Area was acquired in three phases beginning in 2007 with the final phase acquired in 2012. At 1,076 acres in size, this Conservation Area is one of Spokane County's largest. Because of its size and elevation range, it hosts a variety of species, including elk, moose and white-tail deer. It also provides a home for black bears, cougars, and coyotes. Because of its significance to wildlife and the potential for compatible, trail-based recreation, Spokane County Parks, Recreation & Golf worked in 2014 with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, user groups such as Evergreen East Mountain Bike Alliance, Backcountry Horsemen of Washington and Washington Trails Association and neighbors to develop a public access and trail plan for Antoine Peak.

Project Timeline: West Trailhead Construction - Completed and Open to the Public; Trail System Construction / Decommissioning - Completed.

  • $86,500 - NOVA Non-Motorized Grant
  • $53,851 - Conservation Futures Maintenance & Operations Funding
  • $13,918 - Forced Account Labor (Spokane County Parks Operations Work)
  • $15,840 - Volunteer Labor - Washington Trails Association, Backcountry Horsemen, Boy Scouts of America
  • $1,600 - Donated Materials

Project Documents

Public Access & Trail Plan (2014)
Antoine Peak West (Brevier Road) Trailhead Plans