Split Creek Bridge Replacement

Spokane County Parks, Recreation & Golf Department is in the process of replacing trail (foot) bridges along the Liberty Lake Loop Trail within Liberty Lake Regional Park. In 2013, the Beaver Bypass Bridge was constructed by the Inland Empire Chapter of the Backcountry Horsemen of Washington with financial assistance through Washington State Recreation & Conservation Office (RCO).

The Split Creek Bridge is an older bridge that was not built to accommodate Spokane County maintenance ATVs. For decades, Spokane County Parks Operations staff have utilized an existing ford to access Cedar Grove for stewardship activities. The goals of this project are:

  • Increase public safety;
  • Put this bridge on long-term sustainable footings;
  • Push the bridge footings farther away from the creek to provide more “wiggle room” for the creek;
  • Close off an ATV ford that Spokane County Parks has been using for years to access the Cedar Grove area for maintenance purposes; and
  • Restore impacted areas of Liberty Creek's shoreline.

Project Timeline: Design - Completed; Permitting - In progress; Construction - August 2017

Funding: Conservation Futures / General Fund

Project Documents:

SEPA Checklist and DNS (9/9/16)
Split Creek Bridge Design Plans - Draft

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