Steering Committee News

Public Workshop on Proposed UGA Modification

The Spokane County Growth Management Steering Committee of Elected Officials pursuant to Chapter 36.70A RCW, that a virtual hearing via Zoom will be held on Wednesday, October 21, 2020 and will begin at 9:00 a.m.

​The purpose of the public hearing is to consider the proposal by Central Valley School District to modify the Urban Growth Area (UGA) boundary with the removal of 10 acres of land in the UGA and the addition of 10 acres of land in the UGA on an adjacent parcel.  The result is a no net gain of UGA.  The subject site is adjacent and west of South Henry Road in the Spokane Valley within portions of Section 20, 29 and 28, Township 26N, Range 43 EWM and identifies as Assessor's parcel numbers 55296.9002 and 55024.9006.  File #20-CPA-06.

​Requests for information should be directed to John Pederson, Planning Director, Spokane County Department of Building and Planning, 1026 West Broadway Avenue, Spokane, WA  99260.  Phone 509-477-7212