Volunteer Opportunities

  1. Aquifer Friendly Car Wash Program

    Clean water is important to all of us. It's up to all of us to make it happen. In recent years, sources of water pollution like industrial wastes from factories have been greatly reduced.

  2. Canines For Clean Water

    When pet waste is left on the ground, especially near streets and sidewalks, rain, snowmelt, and your sprinklers wash it into storm drains and drainage ditches! This water, called runoff, generally does not get piped to the local wastewater plant to get cleaned or treated.

  3. Storm Drain Stenciling

    Would your community service or other group like to help educate yourselves and the public about water quality issues by stenciling storm drains? If so, provide your contact information and send the information to us. Someone will get back to you soon to talk about what's involved!