Informal Process - A/E Services

The word ‘informal’ as used here refers to a competitive solicitation process using the ‘on-call roster(s)’ or ‘eligibility list(s)’ and selecting, on the basis of MHQ, a firm to provide A/E Services that meets and involves the criteria of the contemplated A/E Services and as set forth for competitive solicitations in RCW 36.32.235(1) and RCW Chapter 39.80, including, but not necessarily limited to, the following: 

  1. Without regard to the anticipated total dollar value of the contemplated design project (RCW Chapter 39.80 specifies no dollar value threshold whatsoever). Any dollar threshold identified in an Eligibility List RFQ is for an order of magnitude only, imposes no limitation and shall not preclude the County from pursuing projects at values that may exceed the identified threshold; and
  2. While the establishment of on-call roster(s) or eligibility list(s) are the result of a formal RFQ process which are advertised at least 13 days prior to the competitive solicitation due date, the actual selection of a firm from the established on-call roster(s) or eligibility list(s) and the award of a contract to the firm may be accomplished informally and without advertisement. The County’s intent to utilize a particular on-call roster(s) or eligibility list(s) for a particular project or for A/E Services will be posted on the County Purchasing Department’s Current Solicitations web page for five calendar days prior to selection and designation of a firm as MHQ; and
  3. The selection of firms through the on-call roster(s)/eligibility list(s) process when made will be on the basis of MHQ when applying the particular needs and requirements of the needed A/E Services so that a firm may be selected which is: (a) either the #1 ranked MHQ firm as set by resolution for the particular Eligibility List RFQ, based on the statements of qualifications on file that were submitted for the generalized scope of the particular Eligibility List RFQ; or, (b) any firm designated by the County as MHQ for the needed A/E Services from either the on-call roster(s)/eligibility list(s), or from any application submitted by a firm before the appointed date and time; and
  4. A firm may at any time submit: (a) updated statements of qualifications; or if not already on the eligibility list(s)/on-call roster(s), (b) submit an application requesting to be appended to an eligibility list or on-call roster; however, in either case a re-ranking or re-ordering of the list(s)/roster(s) will not be made by the County. In submitting an application a firm must comply with all provisions of the original Eligibility List RFQ, excepting for the original submittal due date as stated on the original Eligibility List RFQ.
  5. For submittals from any firm(s) not already on the relevant eligibility list(s)/on-call roster(s), firms submitting an application for a particular project shall fulfill the following requirements in order to be considered for selection for the project: (a) the appropriate forms shall be used for the submittal and the submittal shall properly reference the project number and title for the intended A/E services project (the forms and intended A/E services project information will be posted on the County Purchasing Department’s website under Current Solicitations); and (b) the submittal shall have been delivered to the County Purchasing Department by the appointed date and time of the project; and (c) the submittal shall have been sealed and properly identified and addressed in an opaque package or envelope.
  6. The County’s utilization of eligibility list(s)/on-call roster(s) may be accomplished informally. Updated statements of qualifications or applications from firms not already on an eligibility list(s)/on-call roster(s) may, at the discretion of the Purchasing Department, be opened on the appointed day and time (opening) at other than a public meeting or at a public meeting; and
  7. The selection of a firm and any resulting contract is subject to the provisions, terms, and conditions of the particular A/E Services project and secondarily to the provisions of the relevant original Eligibility List RFQ.


The criteria listed on this page is subject to change in the event that the Washington State Legislature amends RCW 36.32.235, RCW Chapter 39.80 or any other relevant and pertinent laws.