Informal Process - Construction (Public Works)

The word ‘informal’ as used here refers to a competitive solicitation process for public works that meets and involves the criteria set forth for competitive bidding in RCW 39.04.155 (called the ‘small works roster’ process). Spokane County has adopted the small works roster process, supplemented by the adopted written procedures released by the Spokane Purchasing Director as authorized by Board of Spokane County Commissioner’s Resolution Nos. 2005-0363 and further supplemented by 2014-1022. As adopted, the small works roster process may be summarized to include, but which is not necessarily limited to, the following: 

  1. The total dollar value of the public work project, in U.S. currency, is less than $300,000*, including all mobilization costs, and all project-associated materials supplies and equipment costs which include all destination landing charges such as packing/crating, shipping/handling, transportation/freight and all applicable Washington State sales, or use, taxes; and
  2. Advertisement of the competitive solicitation is not required, provided that contractor(s) listed on the applicable roster(s) are used as set forth in the adopted written procedures authorized by Board of Spokane County Commissioner’s Resolution Nos. 2005-0363 and 2014-1022 which permits the Purchasing Department to add contractors to the roster(s) at any time; and
  3. Competitive solicitations may, at the discretion of the Spokane Purchasing Department, be posted on the Purchasing Department’s website and contractors may submit a bid response which such act will cause such contractor to be added to contractor roster(s) deemed pertinent by the Purchasing Department; and
  4. Responses/submittals may be submitted as set forth in the applicable competitive solicitation document and need not be sealed but must be properly identified and addressed by bidders for their bids to be considered; and
  5. Are not subject to being publicly opened and read aloud; and
  6. The competitive solicitation is subject to the provisions, terms, and conditions, contained or referenced in the particular competitive solicitation document for the procurement.
The criteria listed herein is subject to change in the event that the Washington State Legislature or Spokane County amends the referenced RCW or any other relevant and pertinent laws or resolutions.

* FOOTNOTE: While the RCW does not set a dollar value threshold for formal advertised sealed bidding of public works, and despite that fact that RCW 39.04.155 permits an informal process for public works projects valued less than $300,000, the County may nonetheless elect to go the route of a formal advertised sealed bid if the County believes that doing so will benefit the County and the project.