Solicitation Opportunities, Awards and Contracts

A program (such as Adobe Acrobat Reader) which is capable of opening and viewing portable document format (“PDF”) files is necessary to view and open the project files posted on this page.  Click on the links below, or on the side menu, to view Current Solicitations, Solicitation Results or Awards / Contracts for procurement projects. 
Current Solicitations
Awards and Contracts
Not all of the Spokane County competitive solicitations are posted on this website. The competitive solicitation projects posted on this website are projects that are solicited by, and through, the centralized Purchasing Department. This web page does not list the following types of competitive solicitations: 

  • County Road Projects (“CRP’s”) for County roads and bridges as solicited by the County Engineer's Department (effective May 4, 2016, the County Engineer’s Department will be changing its name to the “Public Works Department”). See projects solicited by the County Engineer's Department.

  • The decentralized purchase of “goods” (i.e., materials, supplies and equipment) as made by the various County departments for the low-dollar transactions valued at less than $5,000.

  • Some decentralized purchase of “personal services” (i.e., other than architectural, engineering, public works and work subject to the payment of prevailing wages) as made elected officials on the basis of County Code 1.04.080.

Competitive solicitations which may be posted on this web page may be either informal, or formal, and may include Invitations to Bid (“ITB’s”), Request For Proposals (“RFP’s”), Request For Qualifications (“RFQ’s”) and Requests for Information (“RFI’s); and related addenda. The County may (or may not) also post on this page notices of its intention to waive competitive bidding. While the County has no obligation to post informal solicitations, or to post notices of its intention to waive competition, the County reserves the option to do so whenever, in the opinion of the County, posting will: 

  • Enhance transparency of the County procurement and contracting process; and
  • Foster full and open competition; and
  • Provide an opportunity for the County to become more award of potential suppliers that might offer products and services on a competitive basis.

This page may contain multiple bid projects. Some bid projects may also contain multiple documents or addenda. For clarity, the file name of all electronic documents posted on this website will begin with the relevant bid project number and each file for a given project will be grouped within a web page dedicated to each project. When asking questions about a project always contact the assigned Buyer and please always refer to the assigned project number and title.