Procurement Categories

PROCUREMENT ENVIRONMENT: Spokane County has a centralized and quasi-decentralized procurement environment.
CENTRALIZATION: The procurement and contracting of the following categories are centralized and are required to be made by the central Purchasing Department: 
  1. All materials, supplies and equipment (all “goods”) valued at $5,000, or more; and
  2. All public works construction projects (excluding roads and bridges) regardless of value and all services subject to the payment of prevailing wages; and
  3. All architectural and/or engineering services (“A/E” or “professional services”) regardless of value; and
  4. All services [other than (2) and (3), above] for which the requisitioning department’s head is:

a) Appointed by the Board of Spokane County Commissioners and the aggregate annual value of the services totals $25,000, or more; and
b) An elected official who has requested assistance from the Purchasing Department.

QUASI-DECENTRALIZATION: Decentralization refers to purchases that are made on a decentralized basis by departments other than the central Purchasing Department. Purchases other than those listed under centralization, above, may be made by the various department heads (appointed and elected) or their designees. The delegation of certain lower-value purchasing to county department heads is contingent on the clear understanding that the respective head of the department remains responsible for the procurements made by their staff and all delegated purchasing is conducted in compliance with applicable: (a) Revised Code of Washington (RCW); (b) Washington Administrative Code (WAC); (c) Spokane County Code (SCC); and (d) the procedures released by the County’s Purchasing Director.