Parcel Segregation

What is a Segregation?
An Assessor Segregation is broadly defined as any change in tax parcel configuration from what was previously described and/or mapped on the tax roll. There are two main types of segregation:
  • The first is a Segregation for Development or Sale, accomplished either by the legal transfer of property or through the subdivision and platting process.
  • The second type covers administrative needs for the convenience of the landowner, or tax roll and program maintenance requirements.
How Is a Segregation Event Archived?
The Assessor Office believes in the full transparency of office functions within the limits of the law. All documentation for completed segregation is linked on the Assessor website to the parcels on which they were performed. The data can be accessed by performing the Parcel Information Search on the Assessor’s homepage or through the SCOUT Mapping Service.
  1. How is a Segregation Performed?

    Learn about the four basic steps of performing a Segregation.

  2. Segregations for Development or Sale

    View examples of Assessor Segregations for development or sale.

  3. Subcategories of Segregation Types

    View a listing of different subcategories of Segregation types, along with explanations for each of them.