Ready to Apply for a Permit?

Spokane County accepts online permit applications within the unincorporated County, Town of Rockford, and Town of Spangle for the permit types listed below.   Before applying for a permit, please verify that your location is within our service area. Search for your address using the map below. Spokane County's service area is in blue. Areas outside our service area are in red.


Step 1:  LOCATE ---> Is my homesite located in Spokane County Jurisdiction? Check SCOUT Maps below.

How to Check my ZoningWhere can I find my Snow Load?

Is your location in Spokane County, Millwood, Rockford, or Spangle?  Great!   Follow steps below.

 Is your location outside of our service area?   Visit SCOUT to view your permit application provider.

Step 2: Create your portal account. Don't forget to verify your account!

Step 3: Collect

Collect all required Submittal Items. Have submittal items in required PDF format saved and ready to upload - See Plan and Documents Standards.

Stop sign

Not uploading all required permit documents in Step #5 will delay the processing of your project.

Step 4: Apply

Apply and create your permit # by *Logging into the Online Permit Center.  

What Permit do I apply for?

Fire Alarm SystemMechanical
Fire Alarm/Sprinkler System - AlterationMultiple Use Permit
Fire Alarm/Sprinkler System - Minor AlterationPlumbing
Fire Sprinkler/Hood Extinguishing SystemResidential Dwelling/Garage - ONE SFD
Underground Fire Sprinkler ServiceWindows                     

Step 5: Upload

Upload all PDF Required Submittal Items to your Permit #.  

Permit processing will only begin once all required documents are submitted.

Step 6: Receive Confirmation

You will receive an email from a Permit Technician about the processing of your permit. 

Step 7: Pay

Pay required fees in the Online Permit Center. 

How do I track my permit progress?

Your Permit is now under review with our technical review staff! To check your permit status, visit the Online Permit Center. Once the review is complete you will receive an email that walks you through how to issue your permit, or an email letting you know we need more information to continue the review.