Sewer Connections

Sewer Service Drawings

Sewer Service Drawings

The Stub Report is a drawing of the sewer line from the sewer main to the property line. The Connection Report is a drawing of the sewer line from the end of the stub to the building. The drawings can be downloaded to your personal device for viewing or printing. If you have questions about the drawing, please call our office at (509) 477-3604.
Permit for sewer connection

Sewer Permit Application

During the Covid-19 closure of our office, we request that you not place the application and payment into the building drop box at the Public Works Building.

The sewer application may be filled on your computer and submitted by email to Or you can print the application and fax (509-477-4715) or mail to Environmental Services, 1026 W Broadway Avenue 4th Floor, Spokane, WA 99260.

Payment Instructions:

If you wish to pay online and do not want to include your credit card information on the application, please provide your email address in the Method of Payment section. You will be contacted by email to provide credit card information on a secure form when the permit is ready.

If mailing your application with payment by check, please make check payable to Spokane County Building and Planning Dept.

For new connections, arrangements must be in place for payment of applicable sewer connection charges before your application will be approved.