Spokane County Supportive Living Program (SLP)

Spokane County's Supportive Living Program (SLP) is an ancillary service provider for Spokane County Regional Behavioral Health Organization (SCRBHO) consumers who have a Primary Care Provider (PCP). 

In 2015, the Spokane County Supportive Living Program (SLP) served 720 individuals with mental health issues and placed 55% of the people into stable housing. The SLP also offers housewares and community resources (as available) and basic life-skills training to help aid in the recipients’ likelihood for success in maintaining stable housing, employment, and social interaction.
Many of the individuals/families that the SLP serves are homeless and in need of housing. Dedicated SLP personnel assist with and advocate for individuals regarding housing resources within the community, and how to navigate legal, credit, and evictions issues. 

Individuals in the Spokane County region can apply for SLP services through the Spokane County Regional Behavioral Health Organization (SCRBHO) and/or their Mental Health Care Provider (MHCP) in the following ways:

See forms/info below:

Referral Provider Agreement Form
SLP Referral Request Form
SLP Brochure
Community Integration Program Overview

Fax completed referral form to:

F 509-477-3615

Please call the following number with questions:

T 509-477-4388