Recent Bids


The bid tabulations available here are for information only and are not an indication of the legally awarded bidder.

C3261 - Eden Pit

C3256 - ADA Ramp Improvements

C3255 - Cheney-Spokane Fish Lake Culvert Replacement

C3250 - Espanola Rd At-grade Railroad Safety Project

C3244 - Geiger Blvd - Hayford to Soda Road

C3237 and C3242 - Elk-Chattaroy Road Bridge #4901

C3233 - Hawthorne - Nevada to Parksmith 

C3232 - Hazard Road Drainage Improvements

C3230 - Pine Bluff Road Bridge #2609 Scour Repair

C3229 - Blanchard Creek Rd Culvert Replacement

C3195, C3220 and SWN224 - Mill Road - Hastings to Dartford

C2989 - Bigelow Gulch Rd

C3236 - Aero Road Roundabout

C3246 - 2018 PRR for County 

C3228 - Transit Stop Crosswalk Safety Project

C3207 and C3225 - Palouse Highway

C3197 - Glenrose Rd Carnahan Rd

C3193 - Argonne Road - MP 2.55 to MP 4.13

C2990 - Bigelow Gulch Rd - Project 5

C2990A - Bigelow Gulch-Forker Project 5A

C3227 - Foley Pit 33-08 Crushing Project
 Connected Projects - C3221, C3188
    -C3221 Monroe Road Bridge #2803 Approach
    -C3188 Monroe Road Bridge over Dragoon Creek #2803

C2989A - Bigelow Gulch-Forker Intersection

C3222 - 2016 Spokane County Signal Safety

C3217 - Holcomb Culvert Repair

CRP3219 - Craig Road-West Medical Lake/Four Lakes Road to SR 902
Connected Projects - CRP3196, SWN225
    -SWN225 Monroe Street Stormwater Retrofit
    -C3196 Monroe Street - Francis Ave to Greta Ave

CRP 3184 - Market St-Houston to Lincoln  3/23/2017

C3189 - Ritchey Road Bridge over Deep Creek #0503 11/09/2016

SWN225A - Monroe Street Swales Project  04/12/2017