There are various different ways that interested parties can keep themselves informed about Spokane County competitive solicitation opportunities and each of these different ways will produce different results: “Subscribe” is not the same as “register”; and neither subscribe nor register will produce the same result as visiting and monitoring the Spokane County Purchasing Department’s website. Finally, not all competitive solicitation opportunities are posted on the Purchasing Department’s website. Some purchases at lower thresholds (less than $5,000) need not be competed. Some competitive solicitation opportunities, such as County road and bridge projects, are solicited by the County Public Works Department.

“Subscribe” – means that anyone interested may sign-up to receive email, or text, notifications for projects procured through the Purchasing Department and by the Purchasing Department’s website. Subscribing does not automatically ‘register’ a vendor. Vendors/Contractors are encouraged to continuously monitor the Purchasing Department’s web pages and to both subscribe and to register. Subscriptions are not managed by the County but are managed by the interested parties themselves when they subscribe to the various subscription categories. Notifications will be sent to subscribers whenever one of the following occurs:

(a) A new procurement project is first posted on the Purchasing Department’s web page to solicit competitive bids (ITB’s), proposals (RFP’s), statements of qualifications (RFQ’s) or information (RFI’s); and/or

(b) An addendum is posted on this website for any procurement project that is still in the competitive solicitation stage.

The County uses 28 different subscription Categories (i.e., “Bid Posting categories”) that have been adapted from the NIGP Code

Click the following link to: Stay Informed to one, or more, of the 28 different subscription categories.
Click on Register -- to see how registering as a vendor/contractor differs and compares to subscribing as a vendor.