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Filing & Fee Schedule



Effective January 1, 2024, NEW Filing Fee: (PDF) Filing & Fee Schedule


Standard Fee:
First Page$303.50
Each Additional Page:$1.00
Deed of Trust: 
First Page$304.50
Each Additional Page$1.00
Multiple Transaction Documents:
First Transaction (except exceptions listed below)$303.50
Each Additional Transaction Title$303.50
Each Additional Page$1.00
UCC Filings (National Form Accepted) 
First Page$303.50
Multiple Transaction Filings (for each transaction)$303.50
Termination Filings$303.50
Each Additional Page$1.00
Exceptions to First Page Normal Fee:  
Federal Liens and Releases$16.00
Assignment of Deed of Trust$18.00
Resignation & Appointment of Successor Trustee$18.00
Appointment of Trustee and Substitution of Trustee$18.00
Wage Liens & Releases (new on January 1, 2022)$18.00
Water-Sewer District Liens & Releases$18.00
Employment Security Liens & Releases$15.00
Birth/Death Certificates$18.00
Marriage Dissolution Decree$18.00
State, County & City Liens & Releases$18.00
Each Additional Page to any of these documents$1.00
Non Standard Documents:

Signed Coversheet required and $50.00 fee in 

additional to normal recording fees. 

Report of Military Separation Documents:  
DD 214No Fee
Request for Exemption from Public Disclosure$7.00
Request for Disclosure of DischargeNo Fee
Revocation & Re-Designation of DischargeNo Fee
Request for Access/Copy of Exempt DischargeNo Fee
Plats – Surveys – Short Plats – Condo – BSP 
Plat 24’’x36’’ 1st Page$423.50
Surveys 18’’x24’’ 1st Page$408.50
Short Plat 18’’x24’’ 1st Page$423.50
Binding Site Plan 24’’x36’’ 1st Page$3408.50
Each Additional Page $5.00
Land Corner Record No Fee
County Issued Licenses  
Marriage License (includes one certified copy)$62.00
Process Server $10.00
Second Hand Dealer $25.00
Dance LicenseFee set by BoCC on an individual basis

Process Server – Second Hand Dealer – Pawnbroker licenses 

MUST be renewed YEARLY 


Copy Requests and Miscellaneous Fees: 
Certified Copy 1st Page$3.00
Regular Copy 1st Page$1.00
Each Additional Page$1.00
Map Copy 1st Page $5.00
Each Additional Page$3.00
Search of Records (Per Hour–1 Hr min)$8.00
Administering Oath$2.00
Taking Affidavit (With or without Seal)$2.00

Recording fees are set by the Washington State Legislature and are codified in Chapters 36.18 and 36.22 of the Revised Code of Washington (RCW). 


Functions Supported by Recording Fees:

2021 fee pie chart

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