Current Use Programs

Open Space Taxation Act 

Washington State Open Space Taxation Act provides laws that offer significant tax reductions on land used to grow commercial crops or harvestable trees. Referred to as the Current Use Program, the law encourages farmers to continue to use their land for commercial farming operations or for growing trees. The land is valued at its current use value rather than the “highest and best use.”

Farm & Agricultural Land

Designated Forest Program & Forms

To encourage commercial forestry in Washington State, landowners may choose to have their land designated as forest land.  This designation often results in a lower assessed value and lower taxes.   

Designated Forest Land 

Contact Spokane County Building & Planning 509-477-7223 for the following Programs:  

CURRENT USE TIMBER – “Merged with Designated Forest per Spokane County Commissioners Resolution 14-0960 – December 3, 2014”