Behavioral Health Advisory Board

Monthly Meeting

Community Services Building
312 W. 8th Ave.
Spokane, WA
Fifth Floor Conference Room
  • Meets the forth Monday of Every month at 3:00 p.m.
Purpose of the Behavioral Health Advisory Board

The purpose of the Behavioral Health Advisory Board (BHAB) is to review and provide comments to the Spokane County Regional Behavioral Health Organization (SCRBHO), a division of Spokane County Community Services, Housing, and Community Development Department (CSHCD) and the Spokane Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) on plans, budgets, and policies developed by the SCRBHO/CSHCD to implement the requirements of applicable federal laws and regulations.

10 Adults from Spokane County and not less than 11 adults from the remaining counties of Adams, Ferry, Lincoln, Okanogan, Pend Orielle, and Stevens Counties.  Preference is given to individuals: (1) Who are currently in or have received behavioral health services; (2) Who are family members of an individual receiving behavioral health services; (3) Who are members or representatives of interested Tribes or Federally Recognized American Indian Organizations within the Spokane County Regional Behavioral Health Organization service area; or (4) Members of Law Enforcement.

3 Years.

Members are chosen for their demonstrated concern for mental health and substance use disorder issues.  Members of the Board are representative of the community, and we encourage members of minority groups and people in recovery and resilience to participate in our Advisory Board.  It is helpful in the review process if applicants identify themselves as people in recovery or as a member of a minority group.

Responsibilities are as follows:
Participate in public meetings to solicit input from Spokane County citizens, service providers and individuals regarding needs and priorities for Behavioral Health Services.
Recommend priorities and services levels to the SCRBHO.
Participate in the review of applications for funding which have been submitted to the SCRBHO.
Review and commend on the SCRBHO plan for services.
Review budget material which has been submitted to the SCRBHO during the application process.
Review monitoring reports of contracted services to evaluate annual performance.

Seeking individuals who are or have received mental and/or substance use disorder services; family members of individuals with mental illness; Law Enforcement; or members of the Colville, Spokane, or Kalispel Tribe to fill the following vacancies (applicants must reside in the County for the position in which they are applying).

Time Commitment:
The board meets at least 10 times per year and the average commitment per month is approximately 2 hours.  During the funding cycle when applications are being reviewed, time requirements will increase.

Spokane County Code/WAC & RCW References