Real Estate Excise Tax Forms

Department of Revenue has created online affidavits which can be filled out using the links below.  Each form is a four part form: Treasurer, Department of Revenue, Assessor and taxpayer copies.  It is requested, but not required that all copies of the Real Estate Excise Tax Affidavit be formatted and printed on legal size paper.

Signatures are required only on the Treasurer's copy of each form.​​

Forms effective Jan. 1, 2023:

Single location affidavit form (pdf) updated March 1, 2023
Multiple Location affidavit form (pdf)​ updated March 1, 2023

Forms effective Jan. 1, 2020 - Dec. 31, 2022:

​Single location affidavit form (pdf)
Multiple location affidavit form (pdf)

​Link to DOR for Real Estate Excise Tax rates:

Changes to REET effective Jan. 1, 2020:

Effective Jan. 1, 2020, ESSB 5998 made changes to the real estate excise tax program. Some of these changes include:​​
​​A graduated state REET rate structure for sales of real property
​ ◦ exception: agricultural land/timberland is excluded from the new rate structure and will continue to have a state REET rate of 1.28%
Updates for controlling interest transfers (50% or more change of ownership in an entity that owns real property) ​ ​ ​
◦expands the transfer period from 12 months to 36 months​ ​
◦changes the reporting requirements during the annual corporate renewal cycle to disclose any transfers of 16% of more​