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Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL)

Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL)

Newman Lake was included on Washington State Department of Ecology's 303(d) list as impaired due to high levels of phosphorus. The 303(d) list is from the Clean Water Act, which requires that a body of water that is impacted by water supply, fishing, swimming, and boating be listed. As a result, a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) study is required. The Newman Lake Flood Control Zone District has started the process of determining how much phosphorus needs to be removed and how it is to be accomplished.

The WA State Department of Ecology recently released a final version of the Total Phosphorus TMDL Newman Lake Water Quality Improvement Report. To view or download the report in Adobe PDF format, please access either of the following links:

Final Newman Lake TMDL Water Quality Improvement Report (pdf)

The WA State Department of Ecology website provides information on both historical and current water quality improvement projects (TMDLs). To access the site, please link to:

WSDOE Water Quality Improvement Projects

Water Cleanup Plans (TMDLs) by Ecology Region

TMDL Advisory Committee

The Newman Lake Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) for Total Phosphorus is concerned with nutrient reductions from a variety of sources throughout the watershed, shoreline and lake. While the Flood Control Zone District is involved in lake management activities as well as source control in the watershed, future loading reduction activities are likely to increase in scope and complexity.

The 20 member Advisory Committee was tasked with assisting the Department of Ecology from 2006 until 2009 when the TMDL was issued. The committee assisted in outlining details of strategies to be included in a Detailed Implementation Plan. The group attended a series of workshops to help highlight opportunities for further nutrient reduction in the Newman Lake Watershed. The workshops were open to the public, with the public’s role being more observational rather than participatory, as there was opportunity given for public comment later in the process.

The group was selected from a diverse range of stakeholders and interests in the Newman Lake area. The TMDL Advisory Committee Members and their respective area of interest or representation are listed below:

TMDL Advisory Committee Members

Name Representing Interest
Lauretta Block Agriculture
Dennis Parent Forestry (Inland Empire)
Robert Anderson Forestry (WA DNR)
Eric Keller Forestry (WA DNR)
Warren Heylman NLFCZD
Lorne Burley NLFCZD
Staci Lehman NLPOA
Kim Jones NLPOA
Wendy Burley NLPOA
Laurie Keaton Property owner
Jane Takai Property owner
Larry Guthrie Property owner
Juanita Richardson Property owner
Lee Tate Property owner
Jeanne Ellern Property owner / lakefront
Sharon Cusic Property owner / lakefront
Simone Ramel Water Quality Task Force
Mike Davis Water Quality Task Force
Linda Pool Watershed committee
Margo Wolf Watershed committee

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